Our Family Business
Welcome to Sweet Hannah's!  We have enjoyed getting to know the many families that visit our shop full of sweets year after year.  If you haven't been in yet, we can't wait to meet you as well!

A father, son-in-law, and daughter team, we opened in 2011 with the vision of enriching the Hampton Beach boardwalk with our family friendly shop.

We make fresh fudge daily throughout the summer, offering the most flavors on the boardwalk.

Our ice cream portions are generous, bringing families back all week for their daily treat.  As a family touched by food allergies, we are proud to have an allergy protocol that makes scooped, hard ice cream an option for all of our customers. 
*Please ask for a manager.

For the kid in all of us, we offer a fun array of nolstalgia candy from days gone by. 

We are now serving up fresh donuts at 8 am daily with coffee to go with them.
Please stop by and say hello next time you visit the boardwalk at Hampton Beach!